There is a garage at hotel Ilves. 24h continous parking 20€. You cannot reserve parking space in advance. Parking fee will be payed in parking automat in garage. Hotel Tammer has also parking at P-Frenckell, on the other side of the river. Agreed price for continuous parking is 20€/night.


Best price for parking is an underground parking hall Finnpark P-Hämppi. Fixed price for event participants is 15€ /2 nights; from Friday evening until 2pm on Sunday until 2pm. The lift takes you out of the garage hall quite near the entrance of hotel Ilves. Also walking distance to hotel Tammer, about 200m. We have reserved space enough for everyone. You can subscribe a parking ticket, which allows you to drive in and out as many times as you like, from the link attached. You can also get it from the Finnpark Office at Tullintori Mall mon-fri 8am-4pm.

Finnpark Order Parking